By Jerry Hildenbrand All the LG G3 you love, with plenty of AT&T piled on for flavor All of us here at the AC office are pretty much in love with the LG G3. We're not even going to try and deny it, nor should we. This is a damn…Read More
By David Nield Introduction and key features The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 are Samsung's latest flagship devices, built to show off the very best of the company's hardware and software prowess. They're designed as upgrades to the Tab Pros we saw earlier this year, with some spec bumps,…Read More
By Juan Martinez Unitrends has launched a free tool designed to enable companies to build and execute a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. The tool, BC/DR Link, is ideal for organizations that can't afford to dedicate the resources required to purchase premium disaster recovery solutions, such as Unitrends' hybrid cloud Disaster…Read More
By Hugh Langley and Lily Prasuethsut Introduction and design You'd have been forgiven for overlooking the Shield, Nvidia's slightly bizarre screen-meets-controller device - the whole thing felt a bit conceptual at the time of release, which is probably why Nvidia has continued to keep it locked safely inside the US.…Read More
By Andrew Martonik Pre-orders open today at $299, launching in the U.S. and Canada on July 29th NVIDIA is expanding its Android-powered device portfolio today with the Shield Tablet, a gaming-focused Android tablet with some seriously impressive specs and features. The Shield Tablet comes in as a spiritual successor to…Read More
By Andrew Martonik The Shield Tablet has just been officially unveiled, and while it's all about the complete package, we know it's important to have all of the specs of a device like this available. The Tegra K1 processor steals the show here, but it's also backed up by some…Read More
By Andrew Martonik There's something for everyone here, but gamers get the absolute best features out of this tablet NVIDIA has unveiled its second Shield-branded device and spiritual successor to the Tegra Note 7, the Shield Tablet, and it's shaping up to a be a pretty interesting player in the…Read More
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